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207 - Divine Yellow

30 - Suede (SUD)

Mexico / Collection / Compact Laminates / Standard Compacts

SKU: MEXICO1111111886
Categories: Collection,   Compact Laminates

Product Details

SKU MEXICO1111111886
Product Category Solid
Design Number 207
Design Name Divine Yellow
Finish Name Suede
Finish Code SUD
Finish Numeric 30
Thickness (mm) 3mm to 25mm
Dimension (mm) 1220x2440|1300x3050|1525x3660|1830x3660|1830x2440
Dimension (ft) 4'x8'|4.25'x10'|5'x12'|6'x12'|6'x8'


Abrasion Resistant
Excellent Hygiene Properties
Fire Resistant
Greater Dimensional Stability & Flatness
Resistant to Harmful Chemicals & Organic Solvents
Water Resistant